CBE is a spiritual, cultural, and intellectual hub for Jewish life

Congregation Beth Elohim, fondly known as CBE, offers authentic, meaningful and outside the box Jewish experiences for those in our Brooklyn community and beyond.

We are deeply committed to education for all ages, community-building, spiritual life, and social justice. We are inspired to learn about our tradition while we engage with the present and positively impact our future. Our Reform congregation welcomes seekers from all Jewish movements, from other faiths, and at all levels of Jewish experience, including those who are new to our traditions and those who are questioning.

Shabbat at CBE

Shabbat at CBE

Join us for Shabbat services every Friday night in the CBE Chapel at 6:30 PM and Saturday mornings in the CBE Sanctuary at 9:30 AM. Shir L'Shabbat for families with young children (ages 0–5) takes place on Shabbat mornings at 9:30 AM in the CBE Social Hall.

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Celebrate Hanukkah with CBE

Celebrate Hanukkah with CBE

For many of us, Hanukkah feels different this year, but together we can share light in the darkness. Help us commemorate the miracle of the oil with 8 packed nights of Hanukkah.

Hanukkah 5784/2023

Apply to the CBE Early Childhood Center for the 2024–25 School Year

Apply to the CBE Early Childhood Center for the 2024–25 School Year

We're excited to announce that applications for CBE's Early Childhood Center are now open for the 2024–2025 school year.

Learn More and Apply Here

Register for Trimester 2 of CBE Kids Club

Register for Trimester 2 of CBE Kids Club

It's time for another trimester of CBE Kids Club! CBE's after-school program offers childcare options for children in kindergarten through 5th grade, with flexible enrollment options.

Register Here

CBE Sermons

Rabbi Rachel Timoner — Shabbat Vayeitzei 5784

How do we reconcile God’s presence with the horrors of the world?  Listen on CBE Spotify 

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Rabbi Rachel Timoner — Shabbat Tol'dot 5784

Six weeks after the war, Rabbi Timoner challenges us to see the complexity and to break away from the binary […]

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Rabbi Matt Green — Shabbat Chayei Sarah 5784

What can Abraham’s response to Sarah’s death teach us about our own collective grief? Listen on CBE Spotify 

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CBE is a Place To


<p style="color: #0071ce;">Come Together<br/><i>Beit K'nesset</i></p>

Come Together
Beit K'nesset

Open to people from all backgrounds and faiths, CBE is a hub for members and the community at-large. In good times and bad, we celebrate with and support one another.

<p style="color: #0071ce;">Learn<br/><i>Beit Midrash</i></p>

Beit Midrash

From early childhood through adulthood, CBE offers ample learning opportunities for all ages and stages.

<p style="color: #0071ce;">Spiritually Connect<br/><i>Beit Tefilah</i></p>

Spiritually Connect
Beit Tefilah

Dedicated to honoring Reform Jewish traditions, CBE provides a comfortable spiritual home for all who come through our doors.

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