What if biblical leaders were alive today?

This week in class we continued working on our end-of-unit biblical leaders project. For this project, students have each chosen one of the eight biblical leaders we’ve covered and thought about how they would address one of today’s current issues if they were alive now. For example, how would Miriam help refugees or how would Noah address climate change? Students have been thinking creatively about how to present their thoughts; we have students performing skits, talk shows and news broadcasts, writing stories, drawing comic strips, and writing songs and raps. A few students finished early and presented this week, and all others will get a chance to present their work when we come back from break in January.

In addition to the Jewish Studies curriculum, the 5th grade students are studying Hebrew through a program called Let’s Learn Hebrew Side by Side. This is comprised of 24 thirty-minute lessons in which a teacher or madrich (high school helper) works closely with two-three students in order to learn decoding (sounding out the letters and vowels in combination). The lessons contain interactive games on a computer, and the small teacher-student ratio ensures that students can work at their own pace and that the teacher can tailor the instruction to the students.