A Chocolate Seder


1. Upcoming Closure | 4/19-4/28 Yachad will be closed for Passover break from Friday April 19 through Sunday April 28.

2. Yachad Schedule Change & Registration

Following up on last week’s Yachad-wide email: Yachad registration will open in late April, and the schedule is significantly different for next year. Please read about the change at the link below, and contact Rabbi Rebecca Epstein, repstein@cbebk.org, or Leslie Lewin, Yachad Parent Committee Chair, with any questions. https://cbebk.org/yachad/register/

Jewish Studies

This week we celebrated the end of our Passover unit with a chocolate seder. The students had a blast going through the seder and of course getting to eat chocolate as well.

I hope you all have a wonderful Passover and I look forward to seeing you all when we return from break.

HTM with Inbal

This week we concluded our Pesach classes by playing the Afikoman game using the words:
To hide – le’hachbi – לְהַחְבִּיא, To seek – le’chapes – לְחַפֵּשׂ
Cold- kar – קר
Hot – Cham- חם.
We also finished learning the vocabulary for the Four “Ma Nishtana” questions:
Night – Lailah – לַיְלָה / Nights – Leilot – לֵילוֹת
Hametz -חָמֵץ / Matzah – מַצָּה
Vegetables – Sh’ar yerakot – שאר ירקות / Maror – מָרוֹר
To dip – matbilin – מַטְבִּילִין
One time – paam achat – פַּעַם אַחַת / Two times – shtei pe’amim- שְׁתֵּי פְּעָמִים
Sitting – yoshvin – יוֹשְׁבִין / Reclining – mesubin – מְסֻבִּין
and sang the song together.

HTM with Sharone

This week for HTM, students followed Hebrew commands while engaging with the Haggadah. Commandments included taking the Haggadah from someone (lakachat hagadah m’…) and giving the haggadah to someone (latet haggadah l’). Also, opening the haggadah (liftoach hagadah) and reading from the haggadah. (likroh min hagadah).
We also reviewed many of the HTM words by playing a hot (cham) and cold (kar) game searching for matzah and other  Passover related objects.