Basic Judaism: An Intro to Jewish Life, Text, and Ideas, with Rabbi Andy Kahn

Thursdays, 7:30-9:00 PM in the CBE Board Room and Chapel
October 12, 2023 through April 18, 2024
$567 per Participant/$387 for CBE Members (includes cost of required book)

Enrollment for Basic Judaism 2023-24 has closed due to reaching full capacity.

This is an overview course in broad strokes about Jewish life, culture, belief, non-belief, and thought. Designed in a 24 week module, this course will attempt to give the participants a solid background to the ideas, practices, and expressions of Jewish life from ancient times to the present, and serves as a prerequisite for conversion at CBE and in many other communities. The course is primarily taught by Rabbi Andy Kahn, in collaboration with Rabbi Matt Green and other CBE clergy.

This course will focus on weekly readings, discussions, and practical experiences for each of the course participants—from basic concepts, historical events, how-to demonstrations with rituals, to an overview of the key texts and traditions of Jewish life.