Israel Trip Reflections 2019

Rabbi Rachel Timoner and 32 CBE members traveled to Israel for 10 days in May of 2019. During the trip our group came face to face with the complexities and challenges of life in our people’s ancient home. We invite you to share our stories and our reflections from this profound journey.

Spice Stores and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

By Larry Rothbart There were several large takeaways for me from our group trip to Israel. One, which several people […]

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Never Forget

By Betty Leigh Hutcheson Aliza, Our Holocaust Survivor, Addressing the Mission. Photograph by (ret.) Lt. Col. Peter Lerner in April […]

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Israel and Language

By Ed Bleiberg One aspect of my relationship with Israel has always included my interest in languages. My year-long stay […]

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Israel's Light

By Bonnie Bader The light in Israel is brilliant. It floated over the Mediterranean, the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan […]

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Who Counts In Israel?

By Emily Sachs Parshah B’midbar begins with an accounting/a census of military age Israelite men. “So Moses and Aaron took […]

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