H​a​’Geemnasia is CBE’s Hebrew language and Israeli culture After School program. Children are divided according to their age and Hebrew speaking level, whether that is being a Hebrew learner or speaker. All Ha’Geemnasia classes allow children to have fun while engaging in activities with Israeli teachers.

Upon arrival, children receive a snack, sing a welcome song, and go over the schedule of the day. All groups discuss the Jewish calendar and engage in a variety of fun interactive activities such as cooking, sports and art.

Tuesday and Friday Programs: 3:45-5:45 PM
Sample Schedule:

Play Stations הגעה ותחנות

Israeli (healthy) Snack נשנוש

Hello and Schedule שלום ומה עושים היום

Hebrew Mini Lesson עברית

Israeli Music מוסיקה ישראלית

Sports/Yoga יוגה / ספורט

Cooking בישול

Art אמנות

Closing Circle להתראות

H​a​’Geemnasia offers pickup from the following local schools:

PS 10

PS 107

Berkeley Carroll Lower School

Poly Prep Lower School

PS 321

PS 282

PS 9

PS 118

Children that arrive early have free play until the program’s official start at 3:45 PM.


Member Rates
  • $680

  • $965

Non Member Rates
  • $730

  • $1185