We encourage all members of the Altshul community to become Altshul Partners, which is the best way to support us continuing to grow and flourish. We invite every Altshul participant to become a Supporting Partner of Altshul, with a donation of $180 for a student, $270 for an individual, or $540 for a family. We also urge you, if possible, to become a Sustaining Partner of Altshul with a donation of $450 for an individual or $900 for a family. Some Altshulers have supported Altshul with a membership to CBE, and you are invited to continue to participate through a CBE membership if that means of giving works best for you. For more information, please visit altshul.org.
Altshul Partners, at any level, and Altshulers who are CBE members, have priority for Altshul High Holy Day tickets and may register for tickets for their household members at no charge.