Animal and Fruits vocabulary, and more!

Last Saturday, our K-1 Dual Language students continued practicing new vocabulary!

Hi parents,

To begin class last week, we watched a video about Moses receiving the Ten Commandments. After snack, we played ani roeh/roah et zeh or “I see.” The finder had to locate animal flash cards around the room and then answer questions about what animal it was. At the end, the finder had to use the animal name a sentence. We sang and danced to “Mi shetov lo v’sameach.” In choice time, everyone could choose between reading, playing a computer memory game with the Hebrew letters, matching with peirot ve yerakot (fruits and vegetables), and creating their own mishkafayim (glasses) and magnifying glasses. After a fun trip to the gym, we ended the class by making tissue paper flowers and reading some stories!

We look forward to seeing everyone this Saturday for our final wrap-up and to celebrate our year together!

Noa and Allison