Rabbi Timoner featured in Gay City News

“It’s important for a lot of CBE members to care about both people — the lives of Israelis and Palestinians — and care about the rights and the future of those people,” Rabbi Timoner said in an interview about the post-October 7 moment.

Rabbi Matt Green — Shabbat Chayei Sarah 5784

What can Abraham’s response to Sarah’s death teach us about our own collective grief?

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Rabbi Stephanie Kolin — Shabbat Vayeira 5784

Four weeks after the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas, Rabbi Kolin reflects on where things stand and finds wisdom in Abraham’s response to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Rabbinic Intern Evan Traylor — Shabbat Vayeira 5784

In his senior sermon, Rabbinic Intern Evan Traylor talks about God testing Abraham to speak out on behalf of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah and invites us to pass a similar test. 

Rabbi Rachel Timoner — Shabbat V’zot Hab’rachah 5784

On Simchat Torah, Rabbi Timoner offers wisdom for the end of our Jewish holidays.

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Long-time CBE Members Featured on “This is Love” Podcast

Yasher koach to beloved CBE members Jules and Julianne Hirsh, who were featured in the newest episode of the podcast “This is Love”. Jules and Julianne have been members since 1967, and Jules is a two-term past president and CBE’s longest running baal tekiah (shofar sounder) for the High Holy Days. The episode features Julianne’s second bat mitzvah this past June, as well as wisdom from Rabbi Rachel Timoner on the importance of celebrating milestones during the second half of our lives. Listen here.

Rabbi Rachel Timoner — Sukkot I 5784

On Sukkot, Rabbi Timoner discusses the harms of striving for perfection.

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Rabbi Stephanie Kolin — Yom Kippur 5784

In an upcoming year that’s going to test us, how can we navigate our fear?

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Rabbi Rachel Timoner — Kol Nidre 5784

How can we respond to AI and emerging technology? Rabbi Timoner advocates for returning to the body. 

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Rabbi Rachel Timoner — Rosh Hashanah Day 1 5784

On Rosh Hashanah Day 1, Rabbi Timoner examines the state of the Jewish people.

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Rabbi Matt Green — Brooklyn Jews Rosh Hashanah 5784

How do we celebrate the new year in a world that feels like it’s ending?

Rabbi Matt Green — Erev Rosh Hashanah 5784

How long is a New Year new? 

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Rabbi Rachel Timoner — Shabbat Pinchas 5783

Rabbi Timoner tackles the difficult character of Pinchas. 

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Rabbi Stephanie Kolin – Shabbat Korach 5783

On Pride Shabbat, Rabbi Kolin discusses what the story of Korach and Pride might have in common. 

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Rabbi Rachel Timoner – Shabbat Korach 5783

What can we learn from Korach and Moses today?

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Rabbi Rachel Timoner – Shabbat Naso II 5783

Rabbi Timoner explores the relationship between victim blaming and the belief that progress is linear. 

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