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    5 Life Skills Learned at Camp

    School isn't the only place where children can build important life skills!

    Camp offers a safe environment, free from everyday pressures like homework and extracurricular commitments, where kids can explore nature, learn to swim, cook, sing, dance, and so much more, all the while developing a stronger sense of self and community.

    Below are just five of many essential skills your child can develop at camp that will benefit them for life.

    5 Life Skills Learned at Camp

1. Relationship Building

At CBE Kids Camp, kids share in new, fun experiences, building a safe community in which they can open up and form meaningful friendships. In this supportive environment, children play and connect with peers, developing strong bonds that will often last their entire lives. Kids also find relatable role models in their counselors, who serve as their teachers, confidants, and friends.

2. Independence

Away from home, but still cared for, camp’s safety net gives children a chance to venture out, discover new experiences, and take significant steps towards independence.

3. Self Esteem and Confidence

When kids begin to see what they can accomplish independently, their self confidence and self esteem increases. As they take on new challenges and reach new goals, many campers discover what they are truly capable of.

4. Social and Emotional Maturity

The most important thing at camp is for kids to have fun! But, camp is about so much more than just having a good time; free, unstructured play is essential for building social and emotional skills. At camp children learn supportive, collaborative behaviors that they can bring back to their home and school communities.

5. Adventurous Spirit

Camp offers kids a safe, supportive space in which to step beyond their comfort zones. Exposure to new activities and challenges allows kids to discover passions they didn’t know they had and helps them conquer fears both big and small, making it easier for them to continue embracing new experiences later in life.

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