Chesed means lovingkindness, and chesed is the most vital work of healing the world.  CBE’s Chesed project enables CBE members to support one another in their times of joy and sorrow. Members arrange and prepare meals for those who are ill and for families with new babies. We run errands or shop for homebound members and visit ill members at home or in the hospital. In the event of a death, clergy and lay leaders are available to lead shiva minyan services for mourners in their homes.

The Chesed project is dedicated to strengthening our community at CBE. Members are welcome to participate at their own comfort level, whether it’s sending a card, paying a shiva call, visiting a sick member, or providing a meal.

Let Us Know

If you know of someone who is experiencing a happy or sad occasion, please contact us. No information will be shared with the Chesed group or with the CBE community without permission.


When a CBE member goes through a life change or illness, we contact that person’s circle of community at CBE—the people who pray, study, serve on a committee, or have children in the same class. In other words, all CBE members are automatically part of the chesed effort and will, sooner or later, be called upon for help and support. The Mishna teaches us about the sacred responsibility of performing mitzvot, so if you’d rather not wait for your call to lend your love and support, we can always use your help as a volunteer.