Our vision for Chesed

Bringing kindness to congregants in moments of joy and sadness and supporting each other in ways that strengthen us and bind us together.

Together, we can build the community we are proud of

Chesed means loving kindness, and chesed is the most vital work of healing the world.

CBE’s Chesed Team enables CBE members to support one another in their times of joy and sorrow. Members organize meals for those who are ill and for families with new babies. We bring care packages to members in times of celebration and sorrow. We run errands or shop for homebound members and call members who are ill or feeling alone. In the event of a death, clergy and lay leaders are available to lead and organize shiva minyan services for mourners, on Zoom or in their homes when it’s safe to do so.

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Our Team

Ari Rozman

Chesed Chair

Jane Harnick

Chair - Shiva

Debbie Rosen

Chair - Care Packages

Carol Shuchman

Chair - CBE Connects


Support through difficult times

If you’ve had a recent lifecycle event, loss of a family member, loss of a pregnancy, or are going through an illness (yes, COVID counts) or otherwise difficult period, CBE would like to be there for you. We’ll be in touch with support both from clergy and members of the congregation.

Shabbat Escort

If you (or someone you know) would like someone to walk with or drive you to CBE services on Friday night or Saturday morning, let the Chesed Team know! We can have someone meet you and bring you over.

Solvers Team

Led by Talia Milgrom-Elcott, this group helps congregants find resources for big or small problems (e.g., I can’t reach the lightbulbs in my ceiling to change them, I am looking for a support group for people who have lost siblings, etc.).

Soup Delivery

We call on individuals to volunteer to make chicken or veggie soup to be distributed to those in our community that are going through something challenging.

Let Us Know

If you know of someone who is experiencing a happy or sad occasion, please contact us at chesed@cbebk.org. If you’d feel more comfortable speaking confidentially with a single member of the clergy, please contact Rabbi Timoner at rtimoner@cbebk.org.


All CBE members are automatically part of the Chesed effort as we all are linked together in this community, supporting others when they need support, and asking for support when we need it. The Mishna teaches us about the sacred responsibility of performing mitzvot, good deeds, and we know that we all do this for our family and friends. But we’d also love your help as a volunteer for the CBE Chesed team—just fill out this quick survey to tell us how you would like to help and we will reach out to you.

It feels so meaningful to show up for people in this way.
— Cheryl Cook, Chesed Volunteer

I want to thank you so much for the challah and rugelach you brought by a couple weeks ago. It meant the world to us. CBE has been so wonderful in making us feel cared for during this difficult time.
— Richard Silberman, CBE Member