The Early Childhood Center at Congregation Beth Elohim is a preschool dedicated to providing children ages 2 to 5 with a learning environment that nurtures their growth, curiosity, and self-esteem.

Arrival & Dismissal 2023–24

The Preschool will have a 9:00 AM arrival for all classes for the 2023–24 school year.
Half Day Dismissal will be at 12:00 PM for our Twos and 12:30 PM for our Threes’ and Fours’ Classes.
Extended hours will be available from 8:00-9:00 AM M–F, 3:00-6:00 PM M–Th, and 3:00–5:00 PM on F.


At the ECC we follow a play-based, individualistic approach to preschool education inspired by a constructivist philosophy.

Our curriculum emerges organically from your child’s interests, ideas, and experiences.

Children naturally have a strong disposition to explore and discover. We build on their curiosity, making your child an active participant in learning and enabling them to:

  • interact
  • question
  • connect
  • problem solve
  • communicate
  • reflect

Through play, your child is encouraged to communicate and interact with their environment, allowing them to grow an understanding of themselves, their relationships, and develop important cognitive skills.

Above all, we are an inclusive community committed to maximizing the potential and participation of all types of learners in our classrooms.

Judaism in the Classroom

We introduce your child to Jewish religion and culture in the same way we approach our curriculum–by making it relevant, meaningful, and accessible to young children, with values and diverse traditions imparted through classroom projects.

The Jewish holidays and Shabbat, with their endless variety of songs, food, fragrances, and ritual objects, provide wonderful hands-on learning opportunities.

Past classroom projects include things like:

  • celebrating the arrival of Shabbat each Friday with the sounds, sights, and tastes of the holiday
  • welcoming a sweet start the Jewish New Year on Rosh Hashanah by dipping apples in honey
  • celebrating the festival of lights on Hanukkah with songs and latkes
  • playing games and dressing up for a school-wide carnival on Purim
  • developing creative interpretations to the Passover story

New to the Community?

If you are interested in one of our ECC locations please click the link for more information.

Congregation Beth Elohim gratefully acknowledges the support received from the Fund for Jewish Education, Sponsored by the Caroline and Joseph S. Gruss Life Monument Funds, Inc. and UJA Federation. We are also grateful to partner with PJ Library.