Daily student life varies by age, classroom, and hours of attendance.

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Sample Schedule
  • School begins at 9:00 AM, settle in to choice time
  • Participate in the “morning circle,” which can include things like songs, read alouds, or going over the schedule for the day
  • Snack time
  • Head to the gym or to a specialist program such as art, music, yoga, library, or neighborhood walks and park play
  • Engage in a long-term project, the basis for which is formed through our play-based learning model
  • Conquer the slides, run free or explore a quiet corner with a friend in our gigantic ballroom playspace
  • Lunch
  • Settle into naps/quiet time
  • Return to choice time
  • Get our feet wet with a swim and stretch our legs in the gym
  • Reunite with parents or stay on for the extended hours program

*Online pre-registration is required in order to participate in the both the Early Bird and Extended Day programs. Children may begin using the Extended Day program once September phase-in is complete.



We believe that in order to help your child to succeed, we need to establish clear and consistent communication with you.

We meet with parents three times over the course of the school year for:

  • Cubby visits scheduled prior to the beginning of school each fall
  • Two parent-teacher conferences held, respectively, during fall and spring term

Additionally, throughout the course of the year, your child’s teacher will maintain constant communication with you through:

  • informal in-person conferences
  • telephone contact
  • daily class emails

Daily Class Emails

You will receive daily updates from your child’s teacher about the progress of the class in the form of Pictures of the Day (PODs), photographic documentation and observational reports. These PODs are a window into the soul of our classroom.

Daily class emails also include:

  • upcoming events
  • key developmental milestones
  • opportunities for you and your family to engage in classroom life
Class parents

At the center of the classroom-parent relationship is a pair of key collaborators who help you navigate the wonderful world of preschool.

Each class has designated “class parents,” two parents who:

  • organize healthy snack
  • announce upcoming events
  • organize volunteers class trips and events or for school wide events
Volunteer Opportunities

From the Purim carnival to reading aloud in a classroom, we encourage you to take an active role in building our preschool community.

Whether you can give an hour a week or just one per year, each minute you model engagement in school to your child is one well spent!

For a full list of volunteer opportunities and to get involved, please contact us.

Educational Programs

In addition to teaching your children, we also offer educational opportunities for you! We have an extensive array of workshops and activities for families including things like:

  • Parenting workshops with our consulting school psychologist
  • Information sessions about ongoing schools, Yachad, dual-language classes, and staff professional development, for example

CBE Community

Shir L’Shabbat

One of the most joyous events at CBE, Shir L’Shabbat is a service geared towards young families with infants and young children ages 0-4 years old. Led by CBE’s extraordinary song leader, this is a weekly Shabbat party not to be missed. All parents who play instruments are most welcome to bring them and play along!

Tot Shabbat Services

Join families from across the CBE community on select Friday evenings throughout the year for Tot Shabbat services, which are specifically designed for children ages 0-4 years old accompanied by a parent/guardian or caregiver. Together we will light the candles, sing, dance, and play all before bedtime. And, on extra special nights, we’ll have dinner together too!


  • services begin at at 5:00 PM and do not require an RSVP.
  • dinners follow services on select Friday evenings beginning 5:30 PM and require an RSVP.

Check the calendar for exact dates and to RSVP!