We know that speaking and understanding a second language is a tremendously beneficial to children. That is why we offer a dual language track for your child to actively learn in both English and Hebrew.

We use “side by side” learning—similar to a dual language household—with one teacher speaking about relevant, age-appropriate subjects exclusively in English, while the other speaks only in Hebrew.

Songs and music are also used to help your child easily learn new vocabulary and discover meaning through context clues.

So, why should your child learn Hebrew as a second language?

  • Studies show that learning a second language is meaningful in early language development, particularly with regard to:
    • building flexibility
    • multi-tasking skills
    • focus
  • Learning Hebrew allows your child to develop a strong bond to the modern State of Israel
  • Learning Hebrew helps your child establish an emotional and deep connection to both their Jewish identity and history

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your child picks up a second language. After just three weeks, our students are able to:

  • recognize basic prompts from the teacher
  • identify key words and phrases from images
  • sing a song in Hebrew