End of Year Projects & More

Jewish Studies

Andrew’s Monday/Wednesday Class

With three weeks left, we have begun to review what we learned this year and work on final projects! On Monday, we started with a conversation with the students asking them “what does justice mean?” Their answers were beyond incredible. They were presented with the idea of how we define equality versus equity and why justice an important part of being Jewish. This led us into a brief review of who are the Jewish leaders from the Torah we learned about this past year. Once we had our list, the students chose people they wanted to create a poster report on. We will follow this next week with a “dinner party” where they are the people they chose and will be sharing what they remember about these people. We continued this on Wednesday to discuss “what is justice?” and had Ofir, our amazing shinshinit (Israeli volunteer), lead a session on Eurovision! Stayed tuned for next week’s dinner party!

Lee’s Monday/Wednesday Class

We started by hearing students’ favorite part of their Passover seder or holiday, and connected each favorite thing to something we learned about Passover. We then reviewed what we learned most recently in the Torah story, up to the parting of the Red Sea. We also reviewed the story of Nachshon, and why his action was heroic. We continued in the story up to the arrival at Mount Sinai and the giving of the Ten Commandments, with students each reading out one of the Commandments. We stopped for a moment at a part in the text that describes the Israelites seeing thunder and hearing lightning, and what that confusing description might mean. We then learned about the Golden Calf (our new Hebrew vocabulary, ‘Chet HaEgel’. We discussed why this might have happened, and Aaron and Moses’ reactions to it. After finishing our collaborative reading and discussion of this part of the story, we went back and saw a few depictions of the parting of the Red Sea from the film ‘The Ten Commandments’ and ‘Miriam’s Song’ by Debbie Friedman. Students looked at the versions of the Ten Commandments from Exodus and Deuteronomy to spot how they changed, and they played a game of Ten Commandment Charades in which teams acted out a commandment while the others tried to guess which one. We had a special visit from Ofir (one of our Israeli Hebrew teachers), who taught us about Israel winning and hosting the Eurovision competition. Finally, we learned about the mishkan, the portable temple that the Torah instructed the Israelites to build for their time in the desert. We discussed the ideas around making images of God, and we talked about the challenge of making something like our sanctuary, only portable. Then, to get an idea of what kind of measurements the Torah is talking about, students used their own heights strung together to visualize how big this portable mishkan must have been.

David’s Tuesday/Saturday Class

It is very nice to go back and study together after Passover. Hope you enjoyed the holiday. We are starting the last stages of the year, and this week we began to work on end of year projects. Each child chooses a story, from the collection we have learned this year, to present in some way (ex. painting, video, song, dance, skit etc). While students are free to choose how to present, I ask that they include the following 1) A 3-4 sentence summary of the story 2) How they are connected the story. Please ask your child which story they have chosen and help them begin to think of a way they would like to present. While there will be time to work on the project in class, it is my hope that some of it will be done at home, if possible. The presentations/gallery will be on Saturday May 11th at 11AM and we hope you can make it!

Lee & Marna’s Tuesday/Saturday Class

Students came in excited to work on the play, having brainstormed some great ideas over the break. We took a little time to review some of the Torah stories we most recently learned, through the parting of the Red Sea, and then we had a short discussion about how and when it was best to do the play. We then got to work, with some students focusing and sets and costumes, while some others sat down to work on the script, using the texts we have been learning from in class. The students are excited to share their play with you, which will tell the story of Moses and the Israelites using details they’ve learned and discussed in class. Please join us if you can on Tuesday, May 14th, at 5:20pm in the rotunda.

Richard’s Tuesday/Saturday Class

We had a great class upon return from our spring break. We opened class by sharing a highlight of the break. It truly sounds like everyone had a great time. Following that we chose the actors for the Moses play coming up on Saturday May 11th at 11AM! Students broke into groups after we cut the play into 4 acts, to write out their respective scenes. Each group wrote out their scene and turned them in for the teachers to edit. They all wrote so well, making sure to cover the most important parts of the story, so much so that our job as editors will be quite simple. We’re looking forward to seeing parents at the play on May 11!

Hebrew through Movement


We are doing a small unit on Israel and focusing on Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day. I spoke a little about my experience growing up in Israel and how we celebrated the holiday (stopping, standing and reflecting at the sound of the siren of memorial day, before Yom Ha’atzmaut, and celebrating in the town’s streets with friends). We are learning how to follow Hebrew commands to draw the Israeli flag. On Tuesday, we focused on the following vocabulary words: degel (flag), degel yisrael (Israel flag), l’malah (up), l’matah (down) and b’emtzah (in the middle). We are also learning/reviewing the colors (kachol/blue, lavan/white) and shapes (meshulash/triangle, kav/line and magen david/Star of David) that are in the flag.


This week (and continuing next week) we have been focusing on Israel Independence Day! We talked about the Israeli flag, and learned how to draw it(!), and discussed traditional Israeli foods. Throughout the class we learned the following vocabulary:

Flag – Degel – דגל
Start of David – Magen David – מגן דוד
Blue – Kahol – כחול
White – Lavan – לבן
Line – Kav – קו
Triangle – Meshulash – משולש
To draw – Le’tzayer – לצייר
Pita – פיתה
Hummus – חומוס
Falafel – פלאפל


1. Camp Yachad Registration

Thursday May 16 is the last day of formal Yachad classes. From May 20 – June 5 we will transform into Camp Yachad, which is available for our 2nd through 5th graders who attend during the weekdays on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Students will have the opportunity to participate in Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) as we work with the CBE Shelter to prepare our space and make delicious desserts and participate in fun camp style activities like crafts, sports and swimming. There is no additional cost for these 3 weeks of programming. Please register for Camp Yachad at this link by Thursday May 16!

2. End of Year Picnic & Early Dismissal! Saturday May 11, 11:30AM

Join us for our last Yachad Shabbat of the Year and End of Year Picnic on Saturday, May 11 from 11:30-1:00 in Prospect Park. All families should bring their own picnic baskets with lunch. Please note that Yachad classes will end early at 11:30 on this day- please pick up your child from their classroom at 11:30 to bring them to the park. Looking forward to celebrating the end of a great year with you!

3. CAMBA Toiletries & Socks Drive

CBE is gearing up for our annual summer respite shelter in partnership with CAMBA. Help us prepare by bringing new men’s socks and new men’s toiletries (deodorant, soap, shampoo, etc.) to the rotunda at CBE by May 16. Hotel and travel-sized bottles are especially useful!

4. Volunteering, CAMBA Respite Bed Shelter

The CBE Respite Bed Shelter will be open this year from Sunday, May 19 through Thursday, June 27, 2019. We host 12 male guests every night in the CBE Rotunda. We rely on volunteers to prepare, bring and serve a home-cooked buffet dinner and special desserts or breakfast muffins, and to stay overnight. Overnight volunteers are especially needed. Please click here to read more and to sign up. Questions? Please email Carol at Shelter@cbebk.org

5. Mama’s Day Bail Out: Family Advocacy Day | Sunday May 5 | Repair the World 808 Nostrand Ave

Repair the World is partnering with the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund for a day of family learning and advocacy. BCBF is the country’s largest bail fund and a leading voice in the movement to bring lasting, meaningful reform to the criminal legal system. “We will be engaging in age-appropriate facilitated play and learning around policing and incarceration. Our service project is packing materials for people recently released from jails. We will also be fundraising together to bail out as many Mamas and caregivers as we can so they can spend Mother’s Day with their families — where they belong!”

Parents are encouraged to join their 8 and under kids, but the middle school and teen events are exclusively for youth. Sign up for free at this link for the appropriate ticket.

10am-12pm: ages 8 and under
1:30pm-3:30pm: ages 11-13 (middle school)
5pm-7pm: ages 14-17 (teens)