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Camp Kef Hebrew Immersion Program

Calling all native speakers and eager learners! CBE’s Hebrew Immersion Camp is for kids entering K–5th grade. No previous experience with Hebrew required! At Camp Kef, children enjoy unique and FUN programming while gaining Hebrew language skills. Our warm and energetic camp environment is led by a highly experienced staff that includes native speakers, Israeli emissaries from the Jewish Agency, and other qualified specialists, who are passionate about Hebrew, Israeli culture, and Jewish Identity. Jewish values are incorporated into all that we do at CBE Kids, and Camp Kef Campers also participate in Israeli culture activities, which include Israeli cooking, sports, nature, and more.

Campers also participate in a weekly Kabbalat Shabbat celebration every Friday afternoon and enjoy special events.


הודעה לדוברי עברית וללומדים הנלהבים! שמחים לספר לכם על תכנית העברית של CBE עבור ילדים העולים לכיתות גן חובה’-ד’. אין צורך בניסיון קודם בעברית! “במחנה כיף” הילדים נהנים מתוכנית ייחודית ומהנה בסגנון ישראלי תוך רכישת השפה העברית. המחנה הוא באווירה חמה ואנרגטית ומנוהלת על ידי צוות מנוסה ומיוחד הכולל דוברי עברית, שליחים ישראלים מהסוכנות היהודית ומומחים מוסמכים נוספים, בעלי אהבה לעברית, תרבות ישראלית וזהות יהודית. ערכי היהדות משולבים בכל מה שאנו עושים ב-CBE Kids  . החניכים במחנה Kef   ישתתפו גם בפעילויות תרבות ישראלית הכוללות בישול ישראלי, ספורט, טבע ועוד.

כמו כן כולם ייקחו חלק בשמחת קבלת שבת השבועית בכל יום שישי בצהריים וייהנו מאירועים מיוחדים.

Sample Daily Schedule:

8:30-9:00 AM Arrival and Play Centers

9:05-9:55 AM Opening Circle, Israeli Snack, and Visit to Israel

10:00-10:45 AM Swim

10:50-11:35 AM Music & Dance

11:40 AM-12:25 PM- Sports (In Prospect Park)

12:30-1:15 PM Lunch


2:10-2:55 PM Nature

3:00-3:35 PM Arts and Crafts

3:40-4:00 PM Closing Circle and Pickup

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions):

What do kids do all day at camp?

First and foremost, kids in the Camp Kef Hebrew Immersion program have FUN. Kids do the types of activities you’d expect from a summer day camp program — swimming, sports, games, scavenger hunts, songs, crafts — and they do them in the company of a close-knit family of campers and counsellors. They laugh, they sing, they play silly games, they have a great time, and it’s all done in Hebrew.

How is this camp different from other Jewish Day Camps?

The camp activities and facilities are quite similar to what you’d find in other day camps, including swimming, sports, crafts, games, songs. What makes Camp Kef different is that all of these fun activities are done in Hebrew, with the help of dedicated counsellors, some of whom are our Israeli-in-residence Shlichim (Israeli students working abroad to share Israeli culture). Our campers form deep bonds with the staff, and with their peers; by the end of the summer it’s a little family, friends that feel as cozy as family. These deep bonds facilitate kids’ deeper connection to the Hebrew language, and by the end of the summer, they have formed deeper connections to their Jewish identity and Israel.

My child doesn't know any Hebrew. Will he/she feel isolated?

Not at all! Our programming and staff are carefully selected to make sure children are engaged and having fun no matter their level of Hebrew. The staff, including Shlichim (Israeli students working abroad to share Israeli culture), speak Hebrew at all times which motivates the campers to connect with them by trying out Hebrew with counsellors they adore. We often see very close bonds form between the children and their counsellors — due to a combination of how great and caring the staff are, the small child:counsellor ratios, and the sheer fun of the activities. Campers feel cared for by their counsellor role models and connected to their friends.

Do kids ever speak english during the day?

The staff are passionate Hebrew teachers and act as positive role models by continuously encouraging children’s voices through fun everyday activities. We recognize that each child learns at their own pace, and have found that it can take some children a few weeks to adjust to the Hebrew speaking environment, and begin speaking it themselves. While we don’t encourage children to speak English at Camp Kef, we don’t punish them or stop them from speaking it, if they wish to do so.

My child knows a lot of Hebrew. Will he/she feel out of place?

If your child has an-going understanding of Hebrew, the native speaking Shlichim (Israeli students working abroad to share Israeli culture) can challenge and develop their language learning. Your child can also act as a positive role model for the other children in the program, and in no time everyone will be laughing, singing, and speaking in Hebrew!

Will my child feel isolated from the rest of the day camp?

Throughout the summer, the whole camp also comes together for other large activities, such as Shabbat Fridays which builds camp spirit and gives campers an opportunity to make new friends. While these camp-wide events are in English, Camp Kef campers will still be with their Hebrew speaking counsellors which enables them to get comfortable going back and forth between English and Hebrew.  

During a typical camp day, the different day camp groups cycle through the same facilities for their activities. So not to worry, Camp Kef kids will absolutely see other campers and counsellors throughout their day.

We aren’t all that religious… is this program right for us?

Yes! Camp Kef is a language acquisition program, it’s not in any way religious. Simply put, we want children to learn about, and appreciate Hebrew and Israeli culture. While campers learn to function in Hebrew, sing Israeli songs and learn about what it’s like to live in Israel from their Shlichim (Israeli students working abroad to share Israeli culture), this program is no more or less religious in nature than the rest of the camp.

We are very religious... Is this program right for us?
Yes! We’re an inclusive supportive program for all interested families. Camp Kef is a language acquisition approach, it’s all about Hebrew. So if you’re comfortable with your child learning about Hebrew, Jewish and Israeli culture with diverse campers, then Camp Kef is a great choice for your child.

How does the Hebrew programming work exactly… is the program anything like school?

Camp Kef is nothing like school. Camp Kef is a summer day camp, with all the activities of a typical summer day camp like swimming, games, sports, crafts and songs. Our dedicated staff focus on supporting your child to develop functional Hebrew in a play-based setting. There’s no time spent writing or reading, there’s no homework, there are no lessons. It’s all the fun of summer camp in a Hebrew speaking environment.

We’re both full time working parents, how will this work for our schedules?

Our aim is to be as accommodating of working parents as possible. While the camp’s hours are 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM, we offer early bird drop off and extended day.


Member Rates
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  • 5 WEEKS

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Non-Member Rates
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Registration Fee and Deposits

Upon registration, families will need to pay a non-refundable $75 registration fee. Payment can be made in two ways: families can pay the full balance up front, or they can set up a payment plan to pay the balance in monthly installments. All payments are due by June 1, 2024.

Sibling Discount Across All CBE Camps

The first sibling receives a 5% discount, and any additional sibling receives a 10% discount on the lowest tuition fee.

Financial Obligations

All previous CBE financial obligations must be satisfied before acceptance into camp.

Medical Forms

Camper medical forms are due by Friday, June 3rd. No child will be admitted to camp without a current medical form issued by the NYC Department of Health.

Early Bird and Extended Day

Early Bird is daily from 8:00-8:30 AM and Extended Day is daily from 4:00-6:00 PM.

Early Bird is $50/week. Extended Day is $150/week.