Israel, continued!

Last Saturday our First Graders continued their unit on Israel, and learned about Yom Ha’atzmaut!

Jewish Studies with Ashley

Hi first grade B families! Last week, students discussed the importance of Yom Ha’aztmaut. They compared it to Independence Day in the States and they learned Hativkah.
Next week is our last week! We will close with some fun community activities and heating students reflect on moments from earlier this year. See you then!

Jewish Studies with Tzachi

Shalom Kita-Alef Families!
Last Saturday we continued to talk about Israel and focused on its national anthem. We also talked about Yom HaAtzmaut that selebrated this week. We discussed the similarites and differences on how we celebrate 4th of July here and how it is celebrated in Israel. This saturday is our last class for this year and we will conclude and discuss all of the topics learned this year.
Looking forward to see you all!
Ha-Moreh Tzachi


Hebrew Through Movement

This week in Hebrew through movement we celebrated Yom Haazmaut- Israel’s Independence Day!
We learned the Hebrew Word for flag- דגל (degel) and saw how does The Israeli flag look like.
We all got a chance to create our own flag using the colors blue -כחול (Kachol) and white- לבן (lavan). We learned the words strip- קו (Kav) for the two blue stripes and triangle-משולש (meshulash) in order to draw Magen David (מגן דוד).
By the time class was over in was filled with beautiful flags that the kids brought home, just in time for yom haazmaut on Thursday!