Israel, Continued!

Last Saturday our First Graders continued their unit on Israel.

Jewish Studies with Ashley

Hi First Grade B families,
I’m happy to report that students’ problem-solving from the previous week worked beautifully in their newly revised clean-up procedure. Students cleaned up from choice time in 2:33, a new record!
This week students continued learning about Israel through our senses. We heard different kinds of Israeli music and we tasted dates. Next week, students will continue exploring Israel. Can’t wait!

Jewish Studies with Tzachi

Hello Kita-Alef Families.
Last Shabbat we finished our unit about Israel, talking about its demography and topography and continued reviewing the day to day life in Israel.
This following Shabbat we will start talking about one of my favorite Jewish holidays – Purim. The students will learn the basic story of Purim.
See you all on Shabbat!
Ha-Moreh Tzachi.

Hebrew Through Movement

Today we learned 4 new colors:

אדום adom red

ירוק-yarok- green

כחול- kachol-blue


We played a game of color tag with these new words and with  the words we learned in the past- running walking jumping spinning.