How do we celebrate Shabbat?

To start class off, we watched a Rechov Sumsum (Israeli Sesame Street) clip that celebrated the different ways people celebrate Shabbat. After snack, we played a reverse musical chairs-inspired game. We sang Bim Bam and when we stopped, everyone had to put their foot on a day of the week. We started with one page for Yom Rishon (Sunday) and worked all the way to Shabbat. This game reinforced that Shabbat is a special time of rest (everyone can stand comfortably on Shabbat) and worked with our day of the week vocabulary. We went into our separate stations. Kids could choose between drawing, reading, playing a Hebrew matching game, or working on learning Hebrew letters. After some time in the gym, we ended class by creating snowflakes!
Have a wonderful break! We hope you all have a happy and healthy new year and we’ll see you in two weeks!