JANUARY 20, 2018
8:00 PM, CBE Ballroom


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Planning Committee

Ivy Epstein, Co-chair
Jill Inbar, Co-chair
Cara Raich, Co-chair
Bev Crilly
Peter Goldwasser
Harlene Katzman
Steven Kreps
Alden Levy
Janeen Saltman

Host Committee

Rabbi Rachel Timoner and Felicia Park-Rogers
Sharon Greenberger and Jonathan Fried
Lori Chajet and Ben Wides
Andrea and Fred Dobro
Ivy Epstein and Josh Levine
Jennifer and Daniel Ford
Karen Gerwin and Michael Stoopack
Katie Goldstein and Marc Sternberg
Peter Goldwasser and Marie Clare Katigbak
Mindy and Josh Greenberg
Barbara Grossman and Michael Gross
Justine Harris and Jack Youngelson
Teri and John Horowitz
Jill and Tomer Inbar
Jennifer and Howard Karp
Harlene Katzman and Steve Kreps
Kristina Kendall and Dave Gluck
Joni Kletter and Doug Schneider
Didi Lacher and Charlie Donaldson
Alden Levy and Janeen Saltman
Hillary and Jeff Powell
Cara and Rob Raich
Michael Ravitch and Daniel Hurewitz
Jonathan and Deb Rosen


When was the last time YOU danced like no one was watching?

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