Learning About the Passover Haggadah


  1. Upcoming Closures | 4/19-4/28

  2. CBE Mini Camp | 4/22-4/25

  3. This Saturday! Passover Around the World Family Workshops & Concert

  4. Havdalah Hootenanny Celebrating Sarah Grabiner

1. Upcoming Closures Yachad will be closed for Passover break from Friday April 19 through Sunday April 28.

2. CBE Mini Camp

Although Yachad will be closed the above dates, CBE’s After School is excited to offer a mini camp from 4/22-4/25. Please click here to find out what fun activities will be held and to register! Please be in touch with Bobbie Finkelstein with any questions bfinkelstein@cbebk.org.

3. This Saturday! Passover Family Workshops & Concert!

Saturday April 13: Shabbat services begin at 9:30, followed by Passover Family Workshops at 10:30

Kindergarten through 4th grade families will travel the world learning about different Passover traditions through crafts, recipes, songs and more!

5th and 6th grade families will participate in a Seder Around the World!

All Yachad families are invited to join us! K-4th grade students must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.

Following our Passover Workshops, join artist in residence, Noah Aronson, for a special family-friendly performance at 11:45. Free and open to all!

4. Havdalah Hootenanny Celebrating Sarah Grabiner

Saturday April 13, 5:30-7:30

Sing, learn, and say thanks to Sarah Grabiner for her 2 years of dedicated service as CBE’s cantorial intern! A brilliant, multi-talented teacher and prayer leader, Sarah has endeared herself to the Brooklyn Jews community; to Gan Shabbat families; to teen Torah chanters; and especially to our 2018 b’nei mitzvah, whose preparation she oversaw during Cantor Josh Breitzer’s sabbatical. Sarah recently accompanied many of those former b’nei mitzvah students to Israel as part of CBE’s largest-ever annual 8th grade trip. Following her ordination from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in May, Sarah will relocate back to her native United Kingdom to serve Radlett Reform Synagogue. Join the clergy team, together with artist-in-residence Noah Aronson and musical members of all ages, as we send Sarah off with singing, stories and profound gratitude!

Jewish Studies

This week, we have been working hard in our Haggadot as we learn more about the 10 plagues, the pesach foods, and the cups for Elijah and Miriam. We also began making beautiful covers for our Haggadot. Next week, we will continue to learn more about what a seder looks like and we can celebrate Passover at home.

HTM with Inbal

We started our classes by talking about the holiday traditions and what were looking forward to; most kids talked about being together as a family and having great food!
Next we discussed the Seder plate – Tzalachat Pesach – צַלַּחַת פֶּסַח, and learned about the different parts of the Seder plate: Karpas – כַּרְפַּס, Chazeret – חֲזֶרֶת, Maror – מָרוֹר, Haroset – חֲרֹסֶת, egg – Beitza – בֵּיצָה, Shank bone – Zroha – זְרוֹעַ.
We also played the Afikoman game and learned the words:
To hide – le’hachbi – לְהַחְבִּיא, To seek – le’chapas – לְחַפֵּשׂ.
This week and next week we are focusing on vocabulary around the Four “Ma Nishtana” questions:
Day – yom – יוֹם / Night – Lailah – לַיְלָה / Nights – Leilot – לֵילוֹת
Hametz -חָמֵץ / Matzah – מַצָּה
Vegetables – Sh’ar yerakot – שאר ירקות / Maror – מָרוֹר
To dip – matbilin – מַטְבִּילִין
One time – paam achat – פַּעַם אַחַת / Two times – shtei pe’amim- שְׁתֵּי פְּעָמִים
Sitting – yoshvin – יוֹשְׁבִין / Reclining – mesubin – מְסֻבִּין

HTM with Sharone

The students were very busy in HTM this week! We focused on the 4th question of the Ma Nishtana by following the commands to sit (yoshvin) and recline (msubin). We continued to learn and engage in Hebrew with more of the seder plate foods (in their plush form!) and students were encouraged to say as many of them that they could in Hebrew. Their reward was a small piece of chocolate covered matzah! These are the hebrew words for the seder foods: charoset, maror (bitter herb such as horseradish), chazeret (another bitter herb/romaine lettuce), z’roah (shankbone), karpas (spring vegetable – we had a plush potato but this could be represented by parsley or celery) and beitzah (egg).
In addition, we played a few rounds of “Find the Afikomen.” We learned to follow the commands for the Hebrew words liftoach (open) and lisgor (close) einayim (eyes) while closing our eyes when a child hid the afikomen. We also followed the commands l’hachbi (hide) and limtzo (find). Finally, we munched on a little matzah after saying the Hebrew bracha, “baruch ata adonai eloheinu melech haolam, asher kidshanu b’mitzvotav v’tzivanu al achilat matzah.” The kids were super engaged and enthusiastic. Please try to reinforce some of these words with your children during Passover!