Learning New Vocabulary!

Last Saturday, our K-1 Dual Language students continued practicing their Hebrew vocabulary, and celebrated some birthdays!

Hi Parents!
In our Hebrew portion of last class we spoke on the month of adar and the mitzva – to be happy! We played some games to practice words like sameach, smecha, lo sameach/ smecha ( happy m/f, unhappy) and practiced the words o’hev, o’hevet/ lo ohev). We played with a dice with this words and drawings and the kids were requested to say a sentence using the word that they got when throwing the dice. Later, we colored, cut and taped our own dice to play with at home. We also
Had story, shalom sesame video (about using Boker Tov and Boker Or) and choice time during which the kids made cards to Jack and Rose for their bday, played peirot (fruits) matching games and Hebrew computer games with Allison!
We had a great time and we are looking forward to seeing you all this coming Saturday.
Allison and Noa