Learning the Shabbat blessings!

Last Saturday our First Graders continued learning about Shabbat!

Jewish Studies with Ashley:

Hi First Grade B Fams! This Saturday we continued our unit on Shabbat. We learned the blessings that we say over Shabbat candles, Challah, and wine. We also talked about the Kiddish cup and how it is related to the word “kadosh” which means “holy”. Students made their own Shabbat books with drawings of the three things we learned blessings over and a drawing of their own personal Shabbat. Next week we will conclude our Shabbat unit. Enjoy your week!

Jewish Studies with Tzachi

Shalom first grade families!

Last Saturday we continued to study about Shabbat and practiced the blessings that come before Shabbat dinner. We also discussed how Shabbat bring us all together to be with our families and with our community. This Saturday we will continue with our current unit and we will discuss what makes Shabbat holy.

See you all this Saturday.

Ha- Moreh Tzachi.


Hebrew Through Movement

Ofir will have an update for us for next week!