L’hitraot- see you next year!

Jewish Studies

Andrew’s Monday/Wednesday Class

Believe it or not, a whole year Yachad year has flown by! To celebrate our final week, we took time to reflect and celebrate everything we learn and accomplished this year. On Monday, we learned about King David and his accomplishments. We hope the students walked away from their final lesson thinking of what it means to be an underdog and triumph in a challenge.

For Wednesday, our final day, we reflected on the year and shared what we are grateful for from the year and something we learned. The students had wonderful answers and I believe it reflects on the many successes they accomplished. We then went to Lee’s classroom and combined efforts for a big game of jeopardy and snacks! The students revelled in chocolate croissants, chocolate graham crackers and chocolate covered bananas and strawberries! A feast it was.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your children this year. I hope they will be walking away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Judaism and a strong sense of community in the classroom. As their teacher, I learned an incredible amount of knowledge about what it means to teach the Jewish tradition and how to continue being a better example. I wish you all the best and thank you one final time!

Lee’s Monday/Wednesday Class

After reviewing details from our recent Torah stories, students shared examples of times when they had done something out of anger or frustration but then wished they hadn’t, or they told us of a time when they might have argued about something even though the outcome might not have been so important to them. We then continued with two final Torah stories, the story of Korach’s rebellion and the story of Moses hitting the rock. As we read each story, we found some interesting nuances, like questioning why Korach seems to be treated so harshly but then his sacrificial plates are kept and added to the Mishkan. We discussed whether Korach may have had a point in his argument, and how Moses handled the situation. We then watched a short video about Beit Hillel and Beit Shamai, and why their arguments were considered a ‘machloket b’shem shamayim’ (an argument for the sake of Heaven). We reviewed a few different ways that an argument can be done for a greater good, rather than being potentially destructive and overly personal. We then tried out having our own constructive differences of opinion by standing at various points on a spectrum around different ideas (e.g. synagogue is important to me/not as much; I’d rather have just snack/just drawing; Moses was right/Korach was right). It was interesting to see how different students placed themselves differently and then shared their thinking on some of the questions. After a quick final round of Mafia (in which the stories had to involve vocabulary we’d learned this year), we rounded things out with a special goodbye treat and a Yachad Trivia ‘Game Show’, in which two teams of students competed with different trivia questions from things we’ve learned about throughout the year. The game was very close, and everybody impressed us with the awesome knowledge they’ve gained.

Thanks for a great year, and have a wonderful summer 🙂

David’s Tuesday/Saturday Class

I’m going to write to you later, so I’ll just summarize what we did this week. This week we presented our projects and they were charming and moving. The children were very invested and the parents’ presence added a lot. On Tuesday we held reflected on the year, prepared a class piece from a poster magazine, which compiled all the stories we studied this year, played fun games, and each child expressed their appreciation to the rest of the class. Finally, we summed up nicely the year we spent in school. I had the pleasure of teaching your children. Hope we all enjoy the summer vacation!

Lee & Marna’s Tuesday/Saturday Class

We worked hard to put final touches on our play, revising the script, finishing the sets and costumes, and practicing our parts. We were excited to bring our fun ideas, interpretations, and learning into this final production. We hope everyone who was able to attend enjoyed, and for those who couldn’t please reach out to us for a link to the recording!

Richard’s Tuesday/Saturday Class

Saturday was a beautiful day we were all able to share together. Following services, the students did a quick rehearsal of the play that they then performed for all of you. I was so proud of their performance and the time and effort they all put in and displayed. After the play, we all enjoyed the sun and beautiful weather at our End of Year Picnic in the park.

Tuesday was our last day. We had a fun game of jeopardy reviewing the year we had in Yacad. Following the exciting game, we all supported our fellow 4th graders by watching their play of Moses’ story. In the remaining 15 minutes, we reflected on our year together. Each student expressed their favorite learning experiences and what they would like to make better. I am very happy and proud to teach this group of bright and talented individuals. I wish them all a great summer.

Hebrew through Movement


It’s hard to believe we have reached the end of the year so fast!! This week we went over previous vocabulary by playing different games. It was so great seeing how much the kids have learned! It was such a privilege to be their teacher this year. Wishing you all a great summer!


For our last HTM session, we enjoyed some Israeli popular foods such as spearmint tea with honey (tei im nana v’dvash), pita with chummus and popcorn with za’atar (middle eastern spice blend) and I shared with them how these foods are such a big part of Israeli culture. It was such a pleasure getting to know your children and teaching them Hebrew Through Movement. I hope everyone has a wonderful summer!


1. Camp Yachad Register Today | Bring Bathing Suits!

Today is the last day of formal Yachad classes. From May 20 – June 5 we will transform into Camp Yachad, which is available for our 2nd through 5th graders who attend during the weekdays on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays! Students will have the opportunity to participate in Tikkun Olam as we work with the CBE Shelter to prepare our space and make delicious desserts and participate in fun camp style activities like crafts, sports and swimming (bring bathing suits & towels!). There is no additional cost for these 3 weeks of programming but it is important for you to let us know if your child will continue to receive school pick up, which you can indicate in registration. Please register here by Today.

2. Interested in Hosting an Israeli Camp Counselor this Summer?

Each summer we bring several shlichim (Israeli Counselors) to work with Ha’Geemnasia, CBE’s Hebrew Immersion Summer Camp. We are looking for several families who could have one of the shlichim stay at your home for either a month or the 8 weeks of camp. It is an incredibly enriching experience for both the family and the shaliach. If you are interested in learning more about the program please contact Alex Ben Abba, our summer Hebrew Coordinator. She will be happy to answer any questions you may have: abenabba@cbebk.org

3. URJ Camp Brunch | This Saturday May 18, 11:30AM-1PM

Please join us this Saturday May 18th for a URJ Camp Brunch! Get to know some new and returning campers who might go to your camp! This will be a time to ask questions and get excited for the summer of a lifetime. Please RSVP to Hannah Isaacs at hisaacs@cbebk.org