Looking Back on the Life of Moses, Class Presentations, Celebrating Israel & More!

Please read below for updates for each class, followed by important announcements!

Jewish Studies

Andrew’s Monday/Wednesday Class

The students held their very own take on a dinner party on Wednesday, a “Donut Party!” in which they role played characters from their Torah learning this year. Last week, we spent time reviewing major figures in the Torah this past year and students chose who they wanted to represent and drew up a game plan for how they wanted to present their individuals to the class. We had everyone from G-d to Miriam to Haman represented. In addition to acting as these figures, they shared about the characters via posters filled with stories we learned about this year. It was great to see everyone share about who stood out to them from their learning this year and celebrate everyone’s favorite snack, DONUTS! We will continue wrapping the year up next week! More to come!

Lee’s Monday/Wednesday Class

After reviewing our story so far, as well as the details we started learning last week about the detailed instructions for the building of the Mishkan, we discussed the idea of sacrifice, and students gave some examples of times in their life when they might have had to sacrifice one thing for the benefit of something else important. We then continued our exploration of how the portable Temple-in-the-desert was built. Students chose details to add to our multi-colored map of the Mishkan, while discussing how each component was used. We also discussed differences and similarities between this ancient portable structure and our own sanctuary at CBE where we have tefillah. After a brief aside, prompted by a student’s question, where we learned the traditional Hebrew phrase we say to somebody who’s expecting a baby (we got to surprise one of the Hebrew teachers with a phrase she didn’t teach us), we then picked back up in our story with the episode of the spies, with students acting out the emotions and gestures of each scene while another student narrated. Finally, as we finished up the story, a question came up about why the spies were only male, prompting a deep discussion about possible sexism within the stories of the Torah as well as today.

David’s Tuesday/Saturday Class

This week we continued to work on the projects, which students will present this Saturday at 11 in our classroom! Some of the children have finished and some of them are not completed just yet, but they all worked in an amazing way. There’s no problem, there’s a little more time and I hope you can help your child complete the work at home. Please ask your child to update you on their progress and I would be happy if any you would like to contact me to find out what your child has left to complete, even if you’re child’s giving you an update. I hope to see you on Saturday to open our class gallery. Everybody is invited! Happy Independence Day [of Israel :)]” – David

Lee & Marna’s Tuesday/Saturday Class

We briefly delved back into our Torah stories to learn about the Mishkan and some of the detailed instructions for building it, and then finally two stories of lapses in faith with the episode of the spies and Moses hitting the rock. We then turned our attention back to working on the play. Students worked together to finalize sets and costumes, and then we had a partial rehearsal. We are excited to get to share with you our creative recounting of the story of Moses and the Israelites this Tuesday at 5:20 in the rotunda!

Richard’s Tuesday/Saturday Class

Saturday was an exciting day! We identified the props needed for the Moses play and once the list was created each student chose a project and began creating the props. Saturday was an arts and crafts day creating all the props necessary from the small frogs to the throne! On Tuesday students did a read through of the script before sharing highlights of the weekend and Hebrew in Movement. After HTM we dove right back into the play and students did a great dress rehearsal! I am confident that the play of Moses’ life will be great! Looking forward to seeing you at the class play this Saturday at 11:00 AM in the rotunda!

Hebrew through Movement


We wrapped Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day) lessons, and prepared an edible Israeli flag! This week most of our focus was about food:

Hummus – חומוס
Pita – פיתה
Falafel – פלאפל
To eat – Le’echol – לאכול

Next week we will rehearse the vocabulary from this year using different games.


Shalom! We had so much fun celebrating Israel’s Independence Day by learning about some of the major cities in Israel, following Hebrew commands and matching tmunot/pictures of some of these city sites with their location in Israel on a giant floor map of Israel.

We focused on these cities and places:

Chaifa (Haifa): a view of the city and ports from the top of Mt. Carmel
Tel Aviv: a picture of the bustling coastal city and the Agam art monument in Dizengoff Square
Yerushalayim (Jerusalem): The Kotel and Wailing Wall
Yam HaMelach (The Dead Sea): A picture of the deepest point of earth
Be’er Sheva (southern city in the Negev): a picture of a Bedouin woman dressed in traditional clothing
Eilat (resort city at the southern tip): pictures of coral fish, parasailing and the underwater observatory


1. Yachad 2019-2020 Registration!

Yachad registration for 2019-2020 is now open! The link to register is https://cbebk.org/yachad/register/.

2. End of Year Picnic & Saturday EARLY DISMISSAL & PICK UP

Join us for our last Yachad Shabbat of the year and End of Year Picnic this Saturday May 11 from 11:30-1:00 in Prospect Park to celebrate a great year together! All families should bring their own picnic baskets with lunch. PLEASE NOTE THAT YACHAD CLASSES WILL END EARLY AT 11:30 ON THIS DAY- please pick up your child from their classroom at 11:30 to bring them to the park.  The rain location will be the ballroom.

3. Last Day of Yachad & Camp Yachad Registration

Thursday May 16 is the last day of formal Yachad classes. From May 20 – June 5 we will transform into Camp Yachad, which is available for our 2nd through 5th graders who attend during the weekdays on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays! Students will have the opportunity to participate in Tikkun Olam as we work with the CBE Shelter to prepare our space and make delicious desserts and participate in fun camp style activities like crafts, sports and swimming. There is no additional cost for these 3 weeks of programming but it is important for you to let us know if your child will continue to receive school pick up, which you can indicate in registration. Please register here by Thursday May 16.

4. CAMBA Toiletries & Socks Drive

CBE is gearing up for our annual summer respite shelter in partnership with CAMBA. Help us prepare by bringing new men’s socks and new men’s toiletries (deodorant, soap, shampoo, etc.) to the rotunda at CBE by May 16. Hotel and travel-sized bottles are especially useful!