We need your help to make this day a true success, and all volunteers will receive a commemorative T-shirt.
274 Garfield Place, Brooklyn

Over the last 10 years, we have gotten to know and love Rabbi Marc Katz. He has married us, named and educated our children, and shared with us his humor and wisdom from the bimah each week. He has seen us through great joy, provided us with comfort during times of sorrow, and blessed us with his warmth. Through his leadership, our bonds to the CBE community, to one another, and to Judaism have grown deeper and stronger.

Event Schedule
9:00 AM - Run/Walk
9:00 AM – Run/Walk
Run/Walk with Rabbi Katz through Prospect Park.We will gather at CBE beginning at 8:30 AM, then walk to the starting line together.
10:00 AM - Block Party
10:00 AM – Block Party
Block party! We will have brunch catered by Shelsky’s, bounce houses, music, and more!RSVP to the block party by Friday, May 25.
If you are running/walking, you will receive a complimentary ticket to the Block Party.
11:30 AM - Special Program
11:30 AM – Special Program
Special program in the Sanctuary honoring Rabbi Katz

Please honor Rabbi Katz by participating in or sponsoring the run/walk. Proceeds help us serve our wonderful congregation and sustain our efforts to significantly impact our greater community.