CBE has launched a new programming series called Member Mondays. On select Monday evenings, a CBE Member will share their expertise with the community. Scroll down to learn more and RSVP to our upcoming Member Mondays!

Edward Bleiberg presents “Broken Statues, Broken Connections”

Monday, March 15 at 7:30 PM

In Edward Bleiberg’s twenty-two years as Curator of Egyptian Art at the Brooklyn Museum, the one question groups always asked was, “Why are the noses broken?” As with so many questions, the answer is often, “It depends.” The ancient Egyptians and their early Christian successors as rulers of the Nile Valley had many reasons for purposely breaking the eyes, noses, mouths, hands, and feet of a statue. This talk considers the meaningful patterns of breakage of Egyptian sculpture and tries to relate these ancient actions to recent attacks on many sorts of monuments in our own world.



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