Mi shetov lo v’sameach

Last Saturday, our K-1 Dual Language students learned a new Hebrew song, and explored Hebrew-infused craft activities!

Hi parents!
We started class with a Shalom Sesame video about being kind to animals. For Hebrew, we used our words from last week (sameach/smecah) in a song: “Mi shetov lo v’sameach” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOS4_7nOu-c&feature=youtu.be). Everyone got a chance to dance while practicing the words in a new way. We read a story about aviv (spring). Then, for choice time, everyone could choose between making paper bag puppets that were sameach/smecah or lo sameach/lo smecha, reading, a domino number game, and Hebrew letter matching on the computer. Our craft this week was making perachim (flowers). Kids could cut out a flower, put it on a spiral pipe cleaner, and “plant” it in play-doh!
We’re excited to start talking about the Purim story and traditions next week! We look forward to seeing everyone this upcoming Saturday!
Noa and Allison