Mitzvah Fair 8 Weeks Away!

This semester of 7th grade has been going really great since the schedule change. The students seem to be more engaged and we are doing a lot of learning. Tonight in class we have a CBE 10th Grader coming in to speak to our 7th graders about an organization she founded called Teens Resist. This organization strives to make political activism easily accessible to teens. They provide resources like phone numbers, scripts, and news briefings so that they can be the one stop shop for teens looking to get into activism.

As March is almost over we are getting closer and closer to our 7th grade Mitzvah Fair which will be held on May 9th from 6pm-7pm. Leading up to the fair, each student will create a poster or other visual representation of the Mitzvah Project they’ve been working on. Students are encouraged to continue working on their projects after May 9th, however we encourage them to get started now so they have something  to show at the fair.

On the night of the Mitzvah Fair, students will come to Yachad at the regular time of 5pm to set up their booths and get the chance to look at the other students’ projects. We invite parents from 6pm-7pm to enjoy an evening celebrating the students’ community service projects. We are very excited to see the students hard work come to life visually. This is the first year we are holding this fair here at Yachad and we hope to continue the event in years to come.