MORE Four Questions!

Last Saturday our First Graders continued their unit on Passover, and practiced the four questions which they had begun learning the week before!

Jewish Studies with Ashley

Hi First Grade B,
This week, students continued their journey into the Four Questions without me! I missed them very much, but Claudia told me that class went well. Students continued discussing the story of Passover and completed a “Four Questions” booklet.
I’m looking forward to reuniting with students this Saturday during our PASSOVER FAMILY WORKSHOP! I hope to make some charoset with all of you in a few days 🙂

Jewish Studies with Tzachi

Hello Kita-Alef families!
Last Saturday we continued our unit about Passover and mainly talked about the 4 questions and the Seder plate.
We also continued talking about why we celebrate Passover and we made a booklet to help us during the Seder.
This Shabbat we have a lot of fun during the Passover Family Workshops.
Looking forward to see you all!
Ha-Moreh Tzachi.


Hebrew Through Movement

This week in Hebrew through movement we started preparing for Passover!

We learned about some of the Passover traditions and learned the words מצה (matzah), חמץ(Chametz) and the difference between them. 

We also started learning about צלחת פסח– Seder plate (tzalachat pesach) and some the meanings of the foods on it. 

Everyone shared some of their favorite things about Passover and clearly everyone can’t wait for it to be Passover!

Happy Passover!