Moses and Joseph and more!

Last week our Second graders learned about the stories of Moses and Joseph!

Saturday Jewish Studies

David’s Class

Last Shabbat we started our study of Exodus – – through pantomime. Using our bodies and facial expressions, we explored the up and downs of the “children of Israel” as they thrived in Egypt … until “a new king arose over Egypt” who turned against the Israelites. Next week, we will learn about how Moses and the children of Israel confronted Pharaoh in a fight for their freedom.

Elie’s Class

This past week my class learned about Moses and the burning bush. They learned about different kinds of communication and how important it is to listen through a game of telephone. Together as a class we talked about why God chose to speak to Moses through a bush and how they would have tried to get Moses’s attention. We also made dioramas of Moses splitting the sea.

Tuesday Jewish Studies

There was no class this week in observance of Lunar New Year!

Wednesday Jewish Studies

Lauren’s Class

Wednesday: We picked up where we left off in Joseph’s story last week: Joseph arriving in Egypt. First we shared with each other some dreams we have had in our sleep. Then we learned that Joseph had a special skill of being gift interpreting dreams. We also learned that Joseph became very powerful in Egypt because of his gift. We ended class by watching a few scenes from the movie “Joseph King of Dreams.”

David’s Class

Dear Parents,
This week we continued the story of Joseph, and his exploits in Egypt. Yosef turns out not only as a dreamer but as a dream interpreter. He solves the dreams of the ministers in prison and Pharaoh’s dream afterwards. We talked about dreams, shared some of our dreams, and tried to figure out where they came from and whether they meant anything.
We also noticed that although Joseph is always loved and preferred, nevertheless, it usually only complicates him.
At the end of the lesson we joined the second class and watched a film about Yosef, one of the creators of the “Prince of Egypt.”
Have a good weekend,
All the best,

Hebrew Through Movement


Ofir will have an update for us again next week!



This past recent Tuesday, there was no Yachad/HTM. Next week we will practice responding to the following infinitive verbs:

להרים – l’harim – to lift
להוריד – l’horid – to bring down
לשים על – lasim al – to place on

and these body parts:

יד – yad – hand
רגל – regel -foot/leg
לב – lev – heart (as a nod to Valentine’s Day)


This week we have continued focusing on the difference between: Big – gadol – גדול and, Small – katan – קטן.
And started talking about directions: Front – kadima – קדימה, Back – achora – אחורה, Left – smola – שמאלה, Right – yemin – ימין.