Preparing to Watch a B’nai Mitzvah!


1. Community Purim Carnival and Megillah Reading

Sunday, March 24

Carnival at 9:30 AM, Megillah Reading at 11:30 AM

Bring the whole family to this Queen-themed celebration and party like a rockstar with your CBE family and clergy.

We will have a bouncy house, carnival games, crafts, face painting, puppet show, hamentaschen, yummy treats, and more!

General Admission: Free for all ages!

Carnival Activities & Games: $18 all-access kids passes*

Buy Carnival Passes

*Purchase your passes by Friday, March 22. Passes purchased at the door will be $25.

Click here for information about the community megillah reading for all ages & party for 21+ on 3/20 

2. 3rd Grade Check-ins

Make sure to sign-up for an in person check-in with your child’s teacher.

3. Watching the B’nai Mitzvah this Saturday!

Third graders will be sitting and observing the B’nai Mitzvah this week as we close out our B’nai Mitzvah unit. Services start at 9:30 am in the Sanctuary. We will be sitting in the front few rows on the left side with a sign labeled “3rd Grade”. We will continue to sit in the service while the rest of Yachad dismisses for class downstairs. The service will end at around 11:30. At that time we will return to the classroom for the remainder of our class time and enjoy a short kiddush for the 3rd graders. Monday/Wednesday students are invited to join us for this, or you can pick up your child from the classroom.

Jewish Studies

This week, we continued learning about B’nai Mitzvah as we came to a close on this unit. We learned about what a Dvar Torah is and learned about this coming week’s parsha (Torah portion) as we prepared ourselves to watch the B’nai Mitzvah. We then learned about Kippot (yarmulke) and got to decorate our own which we will wear this Saturday.

HTM with Inbal

This week we continued learning about Purim and talking about the holiday costumes!
We practiced former vocabulary by playing with masks, crowns and groggers, and introduced new vocabulary:
Hamantasch – Ozen haman – אֹזֶן הָמָן
Mishloach manot – מִשְׁלוֹחַ מָנוֹת
to eat – le’echol – לֶאֱכֹל
Scroll – Megila – מְגִלָּה
to read – likro – לִקְרֹא
Next week we will talk more about the verbs ‘to read’ and ‘to eat’, and will introduce the verb ‘to wear’ when we will discuss the tradition of wearing costumes during Purim.

HTM with Sharone

This week, for HTM, we continued our Purim Unit. We read parts of the Purim story off of a hand crafted megillah /scroll, and followed the command, likroh b’megillah /read the scroll. Every time we heard Haman’s name, students followed the command, l’harish b’rashan (make noise with a gragger). When we read the part of Mordechai refusing to bow down to Haman, a few students acted out the scene by “Haman” commanding “Mordechai l’hishtachavot /bow down and Mordechai replying “Lo!”
On Tuesday, we briefly discussed in English about the mitzvah of giving Mishloach Manot or Purim baskets to friends and family on Purim. The children practiced following the commands of placing cardboard pictures of different treats in Hebrew (oznei Haman / Hamantashen, tapuach / apple,  shokolad / chocolate and  bracha l’Purim (Purim greeting card) in mishloach manot and giving them to different classmates. We also took a quick poll in Hebrew to see the class’s favorite flavor of oznei haman (tut /strawberry, shokolad, mish-mish /apricot and pereg /poppy). Shokolad won! Interesting to note, the children were surprised by the fact that in Israel, these traditional Purim cookies are referred to as Haman’s ear and not his 3-cornered hat!