Purim Unit: Story and Crafts!

This week our Second graders explored Purim!

Saturday Jewish Studies

Elie’s Class

This past week my class went over the Purim story! We talked about what we would have felt if we were alive at that time. Then we made masks and crowns.

David’s Class

Last Shabbat we completed our unit about the Book of Exodus. After studying about the Golden Calf, we learned about how the Israelites created the the Mishkan, the tent of meeting — a home for spiritual fulfillment and connection with God. Then, each student drew their own personal mishkans. Over the next two classes, we will be exploring Shabbat — students will learn the basic rituals and prayers of Shabbat, and explore what Shabbat means to them personally.

Tuesday Jewish Studies

This week we learned about Purim. We did a special Purim Spiel in class. Ask your student which part he/she played! We also discussed what makes someone a hero. Next week, we will have fun station activities to celebrate and learn about Purim. The week after that, we will begin the book of Exodus: learning about Moses and getting ready to celebrate Passover!

Wednesday Jewish Studies

Lauren’s Class

This week we learned more about Purim! Student moved through activities of their choice. Some activities included: creating Purim comics, painting Purim decorations and playing a Purim quiz game on the computer. Now that we’ve learned all about Purim, we’re looking forward to celebrating it at Yachad next week!

David’s Classes

Dear Parents,

This week we continued with Purim. We did a brief rehearsal of the characters in the scroll. In addition, we conducted a joint activity with the second class on Purim. The activity included preparing decorations for the festival next week, educational games about the holiday, creating comics about Mordechai and Esther.

The children seemed to have enjoyed themselves, and so did I, cleaning the paint from the floor. Lol. I’m not complaining.

Have a great week,

All the best,


Hebrew Through Movement


Today we learned 4 new colors:

אדום adom red

ירוק-yarok- green

כחול- kachol-blue


We played a game of color tag with these new words and with  the words we learned in the past- running walking jumping spinning.


Shalom Families – On Tuesday, the children enjoyed acting out a scene in the Purim story in Hebrew using masks of Esther, Haman, Mordechai, Vashti and King Achashverosh. They had fun following commandments to sit on the King and Queen’s throne, to command Vashti to join the king at his banquet and then upon her refusal – to send her away from Shushan. The King then chooses Esther from among all the “Shushan citizens” to be his Queen and commands her to sit on the Queens throne next to him. Gender did not play a role with the children volunteering to act out the different characters.


This week we continued learning about Purim and talking about the holiday costumes, while putting a special emphasis on Megilat Esther.
We introduced the main characters (Hamman, Esther, Mordechai and Achash-ve-rosh), and learned the verb lilbosh-ללבוש-to wear, as the kids tried different costumes while performing the Megila.
We used the following vocabulary:
King – Melech – מלך
Queen – Malka – מלכה
Castle – Armon – ארמון
To bow down – Le’hishtachavot – להשתחוות
Costume – Tachposet – תחפושת