Rabbi Roundtable from the Forward

Rabbi Rachel Timoner and other leading rabbis from all corners of the Jewish world are asked their thoughts on the most pressing issues of today in a series of articles from the Forward.

Question Six: What Is The Diaspora Jew’s Role In Israel? (read all)

Rabbi Timoner: Claim it as ours. Always with humility, but also with recognition that we are family. Our well-being, our moral failures, and our futures are intertwined.


Question Five: What Is One Thing Jews Need To Stop Doing? (read all)

Rabbi Timoner: Supporting racism


Question Four: Is intermarriage a problem or an opportunity? (read all)

Rabbi Timoner: Intermarriage is a problem if we fail to perform the weddings and embrace the families who have intermarried and seek Jewish community. Intermarriage is an opportunity if we grow the Jewish people through conversion, raising all-Jewish kids with a non-Jewish parent, and celebrating the ever-expanding and evolving definition of what Judaism and the Jewish people look like.


Question Three: What can the Jewish community do to fight the opioid epidemic? (read all)

Rabbi Timoner: Step one is loving our families who are affected, and bringing the stories out from the shadows in the Jewish community. Secrecy and shame are compounding the suffering. By leading in this way, we will not only comfort the bereaved among us, but also educate the vulnerable.


Question Two: Are Jews The Inheritors Of Eretz Yisrael? (read all)

Rabbi Timoner: Yes. And our inheritance is to learn how to share.


Question One: What’s The Biggest Threat To The Jewish People? (read all)

Rabbi Timoner: Being willing to sell out our values for a misapprehension of what will make us safe.