Rabbi Timoner’s Op-Ed in the Forward

Rabbi Timoner recently wrote an op-ed for the Forward on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming appearance at the AIPAC Policy conference, expressing major concern for Netanyahu’s recent embrace of the controversial, extremist Jewish Power Party.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu crossed what should be a bright redline in any functioning democracy when he paved the way last month for the extremist, avowedly racist Jewish Power Party to join the next Knesset — and, if he wins, the next governing coalition,” says Rabbi Timoner. “Prior to the Prime Minister’s intervention, this fringe party was on its way out, having failed to meet the electoral threshold in the last two elections and headed toward defeat again this cycle. But to save his own political skin and avoid ‘wasting’ right-wing votes, Netanyahu rescued the party from electoral oblivion and potentially catapulted it into his next cabinet.”

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