Recorded live at CBE: Ta-Nehisi Coates in conversation with Chris Hayes

Distinguished writer, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Chris Hayes of MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes, recently sat on the bimah in the main sanctuary to discuss the current political climate in America.

Coates, whose books and essays drive national conversations about issues like systemic racism, blackness, white privilege, and the legacy of President Obama, is the author of New York Times best-sellers Between the World and Me and We Were Eight Years in Power, is the current author of the Marvel comics Black Panther and Captain America.

Hayes, an Emmy Award-winning news anchor and New York Times best-selling author of A Colony in a Nation, just released the latest edition of his podcast, “Why Is This Happening?” The episode features a live recording of their conversation on the future of the Democratic Party, what it’s like to be a writer, who cleared the way for President Trump’s rise, the power of staying off twitter, and the crucial 2-word piece of advice for anyone who hopes to be great.

In case you prefer to read the dialogue, check out the transcript of the conversation here.