Biblical Leaders and More

Jewish Studies

Saturdays Jewish Studies from David

Last Shabbat we studied the first Jewish families by asking the question, “How do we bring blessing into our lives?” Students created and shared with each other blessing cards, on which they identified a blessing in their lives. We also created family trees in which we connected our families to the first families of the Jewish people.

Saturday Jewish Studies from Elie

My class went over the major biblical stories they learned this year while playing a game similar to taboo and heads up. The game consists of note cards with phrases, characters, and places that the students try to describe without saying any of the words on the card. They would give three clues to their team based on details from the biblical story. If their team could not get it, the other team would have the opportunity to guess. Through this game, they reviewed the basics of Shabbat, Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, Abraham and Sarah, Isaac’s birth, Jacob and Esau and the marriage of Jacob, Rachel and Leah and how their kids make up the 12 tribes.

Second Grade Tuesdays/Wednesdays Jewish Studies with Lauren

This week we learned about Abraham and Sarah. Students performed a play to learn the story. God tells Abraham to “go to the land that I will show you” and Abraham makes two promises with God: 1: God promises that Abraham’s future-family will have as many people as there are stars in the sky. 2: God promises to give a special land to Abraham’s future-family.

We also discussed the following questions as a class: What does it mean when you make a promise to someone? Is it important to keep a promise? What happens if a promise is broken? They also learned this song!

Wednesdays Jewish Studies with David

This week, we learned about Abraham and the covenant[ברית-Brit] he made with God. We learned that Abraham changed his name because of this covenant, and was also promised that he would have a child [when he was ninety!] and his descendants would be like the number of stars. From this we talked about the vast number of stars in the universe, as well as the joy and happiness that children bring to the world [the meaning of the name Isaac in Hebrew comes from the word ‘laughter’]. And we finished with laughter challenge activities and some hebrew aleph-beth songs.

I hope that we will all have happy holidays and a vacation that will bring us strength for the rest of the year.

Hebrew Through Movement

Second Grade Saturdays Hebrew Through Movement from Tamar

For our last class of the semester, we played games to review words we had learned throughout the year so far. And to end 2018 on a nice note, we revisited an early lesson about what it means to be a mensch and practiced saying please and thank you to each other in Hebrew.

Tuesdays Hebrew Through Movement with Sharone

Sharone was absent this week but will be back in the New Year!

Second Grade Wednesdays Hebrew Through Movement with Inbal

This week we talked about colors:
Red- Adom – אָדֹם
Yellow- Tsahov – צָהֹב
Green – Yarok – יָרֹק
White- Lavan – לָבָן
Black – Shahor – שָׁחֹר
Blue- Kachol – כָּחֹל
We learned that in Hebrew the Adjective comes after the noun and composed sentences including former vocabulary and colors. For example:
Green table – Shulchan Yarok – שׁוּלְחָן יָרוֹק