A Visit from The Denan Project

Last week we had representatives from The Denan Project come to speak to our 7th Graders. This organization helps provide medical supplies and infrastructure to extremely impoverished, remote villages in Ethiopia, Mongolia, and Peru. We were so lucky to have had Dick Young, Founder and President along with Jessica Barist Cohen, Communications Director and 7th grade parents speak to our students.

Along with providing a description of what the organization does, they showed a “now and then” video of the Denan village in Ethiopia. The video illustrated the extreme poverty and malnutrition this community faces, and what their organization is doing to help. After watching the video, we spoke about different ways 7th grade students can help the Denan Project for their Mitzvah Projects, such as collecting soccer cleats and uniforms, school supplies and books.

This week, we continued in the second trimester of our individual classes. The Torah class is discussing this week’s Torah portion which is Va-y’hi.This portion talks about the blessings Jacob gave to his children before he died. In T’filah, the students are moving through the service one prayer at a time, going in depth into what each prayer means to them. Lastly, the Mitzvot classes is taking time this week to go through all 613 mitzvot in the Torah.

We have a fun program planned for the second half of class- we are going to watch the Rugrats Hanukkah, and then have the 7th graders fact-check the movie. It should be a fun activity right before break. Enjoy your holiday, happy new year!