CBE Small Groups are an exciting way for community members to build connections and be a part of each other’s lives.

In these member-led groups, participants come together on a regular basis to find deeper meaning and joy in shared interests, identities, and life stages.

Small groups, which generally consist of a dozen people or less, might engage in activities, discussions, or other shared experiences. You could meet every month, twice a month, seasonally, or whatever the group decides is best. Depending on COVID safety and preference, these groups will meet in person or online.

Each group is different, and it’s more art than science, but your group might:

  • Begin with snacks and drinks
  • Get to know each other through story sharing, check-ins, or a shared activity
  • Frame your gathering with a Jewish text

Listed below are the first batch of CBE Small Groups. See one that sparks your interest? Join now! Fill out the Small Groups signup form to get connected with the group leaders and with Rabbi Jason Gitlin, our Small Groups Specialist.

Have an idea for a different small group? Use the same form to let us know, and we’ll help you make it happen!

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We’re here to guide you through the process.  All new group leaders will be offered training, one-on-one support, and (if relevant) Jewish resources. Have questions? Just reach out!

CBE Small Groups

CBE Members of Mizarchi and Sephardi Background

Come together with Members of Mizrachi and Sephardi Background to share your histories and cultures with one another; as well as explore ways to further celebrate and integrate these cultures into the life and practices of CBE and the community at large.

Neighborhood Groups: Prospect Heights Young Families

Enhance your circle of Prospect Heights families as we join together in the neighborhood to informally connect and celebrate Jewish holidays together.

Season of Teshuvah

Get connected with community members to engage together in the reflection and accounting that helps us prepare for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Groups will meet weekly in September, with the support of trained group leaders, accessible and interactive resources, and our small groups specialist, Rabbi Jason Gitlin.


Join CBEKnits for conversation, camaraderie, and skill sharing, as well as “knit for good” projects.

Yiddish Conversation and Culture

Whether you’re fluent or just learning, join with others to practice Yiddish and celebrate Yiddish culture.

Challah Baking

Join with fellow members to share techniques, stories, and explore challah baking as a spiritual practice or hobby.

Conversational Hebrew

Get to know fellow CBE Hebrew speakers and build your comfort conversing B’Ivrit – in Hebrew!

Sage Discussions

Join CBE seniors for discussions that examine timely and timeless ideas in cultural, political, and religious life.


Share your love, knowledge, questions, or interest in gardening with other community gardeners.

Mah Jongg

Whether you’re a seasoned player or want to learn from experienced gamers, Mah Jongg is a great way to connect with friends while having fun.

Musicians Circle

Our Musicians Circle will be a space for fellow musicians in the community to play together, get to know one another, and occasionally explore the place of music in Jewish life and practices.

Nature Chug

Commune with the trees, and other CBE nature lovers, in a group that regularly explores Prospect Park and other Brooklyn green spaces through walks and contemplative practices.

Queer Parents Group

Enhance your circle of LGBTQ+ families, by joining the Queer Parents group.

Union Temple Legacy Circle

Come together with UT’s Rabbi Emerita Linda Henry Goodman to preserve and reflect on the community’s history and legacy within CBE’s future.