Starting Our Next Unit!


1. Upcoming Closures | Presidents’ Week

Yachad will be closed this Saturday Feb 16- Saturday Feb 23 for Presidents’ Week.

2. RSVP: Installation of Rabbi Rebecca Epstein

Friday, March 1 beginning at 5:00 PM

Friends and families of all ages are invited to join us for a special dinner and Shabbat service to officially welcome Rabbi Epstein to the CBE family!  Yachad students present will help lead the service together! Please RSVP at this link.

Jewish Studies

This week, the third graders started their next unit all about what a Bar/Bat/B’nai Mitzvah is. They learned about how to wear a tallit and what is represents. Make sure to ask your child what the tallit is supposed to remind you of (the 613 commandments). The students were given the opportunity to recite the bracha (blessing) and wrap themselves in the tallit.

HTM with Inbal

Students practiced their vocabulary skills with an exciting and interactive game of snakes and ladders. Below is the vocabulary used:





black- שחור – shachor
white-לבן lavan

HTM with Sharone

Yachad students learned Hebrew vocabulary heard on Purim but also frequently heard in our Jewish blessings. Students were asked to color small picture cards of either melech (King) Achashverosh or malkat (Queen) Esther, and describe their drawings in Hebrew as they reviewed Hebrew colors. Below are the vocabulary words they learned this week.
מלךmelechking (Melech David, Melech Shaul/Saul, Melech Achashverosh/Ahasuerus, melech haolam)
מלכהmalkahqueen (Malkat Shabat, Malkat Ester)
כתרketercrown (ex. Keter Torah)
עולם –  olamworld/universe (Baruch atah Adonai, eloheinu melech haolam)

Dual Language Hebrew

The students in Dual Language have been working on strengthening their reading skills as they create an Aleph-Bet popup book which enriches their Hebrew vocabulary.