Sukkot Song of the Day with Cantor Breitzer

Cantor Josh Breitzer recently contributed to the New York Festival of Song’s Song of the Day series, highlighting specific songs that connect with corresponding days of Sukkot. Click on each article below to learn more.

September 24th, 2018: Jacob Rappaport: Eilu D’varim


September 25th, 2018: Alicia Keys: Fallin’


September 26th, 2018: Doron Medalie and Stav Berger: Toy


September 27th, 2018: Jack Yellen and Lew Pollack: My Yiddishe Momme


September 28th, 2018: Howard Ashman and Alan Menken: Be Our Guest

The Prayer of Endings

Farewell Speech from Rabbi Marc Katz
Marc’s Last Lap Farewell Event, June 3, 2018

The amazing thing about the Jewish tradition is that there is a prayer for everything. There is a prayer for new beginnings, a prayer for seeing lightning and a different prayer for the rainbow after the storm. There is a prayer for seeing a beautiful person, and prayer for smelling a flower, even a prayer for using the bathroom.

But my favorite prayer has always been the prayer of endings, because it completely defies expectations.

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36 Under 36: Rabbi Matt Green

LGBQT Leadership
Bringing Young Ideas to Veteran Institutions

In 11th annual installment of The Jewish Week’s 36 Under 36 special section, CBE’s Assosiate Rabbi, Matt Green was recognized as one of the The New Bridge Builders; a group of leading changemakers reaching across divides and edging the Jewish community forward.

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Rabbi Rebecca Epstein Joins Clergy Team

Last month, we shared the bittersweet news that Rabbi Katz will be leaving CBE at the end of June to lead Temple Ner Tamid in Bloomfield, New Jersey. You can see that announcement and Marc’s beautiful letter to the congregation here. Four weeks ago, we were thrilled to announce that Matt Green will become CBE’s new Assistant Rabbi after he is ordained in the spring. You can see that announcement and read about Matt’s stellar achievements here. Today, we share the exciting news that CBE is expanding our clergy team with a third rabbi, and to introduce you to Rabbi Rebecca Epstein.

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Our New Assistant Rabbi

Dear CBE Community,

We hope that you’ve had a chance to read Rabbi Marc Katz’s announcement last week. While it is not possible to ever replace Rabbi Katz at CBE, and while his imprint will remain on our community and on our lives for many years to come, we are grateful to have an extraordinary new rabbi ready to serve our community in his own unique way. We are thrilled to share the wonderful news that Matt Green will be CBE’s new Assistant Rabbi beginning on July 1, 2018.

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A Letter From Rabbi Katz

To My CBE Family,

It is with excitement for the future and gratitude for the last ten years that I announce I will become the Rabbi at Temple Ner Tamid in Bloomfield, N.J. starting July 1st.

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Cantor Breitzer’s Sabbatical

Dear CBE Community,

I’m pleased to let you know that after six and a half years of faithful service to our congregation, Cantor Josh Breitzer will be taking a sabbatical from January through June of 2018.

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High Holy Day Sermons 5778

Take a listen to the moving and inspiring High Holy Day sermons from Rabbi Rachel Timoner and CBE president, Jonathan Fried using the playlist below. Also check out our sermon archive for corresponding text and other historical addresses.

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