The Seder Plate

Last Saturday our Kindergartners continued their unit Passover, exploring the seder plate!

Last Saturday we read a story called “Only Nine Chairs” – a passover story about seating 19 people on just 9 chairs. We also learned about what goes on the Passover seder plate, and then made our very own seder plates together.

See you all next week!


Hebrew Through Movement

This week in Hebrew through movement we started preparing for Passover!

We learned about some of the Passover traditions and learned the words מצה (matzah), חמץ(Chametz) and the difference between them. 

We also started learning about צלחת פסח– Seder plate (tzalachat pesach) and some the meanings of the foods on it. 

Everyone shared some of their favorite things about Passover and clearly everyone can’t wait for it to be Passover!

Happy Passover!