The Wedding Has Arrived!

This Saturday is our Mock Wedding!


Mock Wedding
Date: February 2nd, 2019
Time to drop off your children: Please drop your child off in the Ballroom of the temple house at 10:30am.
Time guests will arrive/when the ceremony starts: 11:30
Location: Ballroom of the temple house

Jewish Studies

This week the third graders put their finishing touches on all of their projects. They are SO excited to be sharing this special day with you all.

HTM with Inbal

This week they learned the difference between:
Big – gadol – גדול
Small – katan – קטן
And in preparation for the mock wedding coming up this Saturday, they learned vocabulary related to the wedding:
Wedding – chatuna – חתונה
Chuppah – חופה
Ketubah – כתובה
Groom – chatan – חתן
Bride – kala – כלה

HTM with Sharone

This week, students had fun navigating an obstacle course and other activities that involved following Hebrew commands incorporating words describing directions:

קדימה – kadimah – forwards
אחורה – achora – backwards
ימינה – yamina – towards the right
שמאלה – smala – towards the left