All About Weddings!

Jewish Studies

This week, the third graders began their new unit all about Jewish weddings! The first thing they learned about was the ketubah. We started out by making friendship contracts. We talked about why friendship contracts were important in a friendship and then compared them to why a ketubah is an important part of a marriage. We also learned about the Chuppah. Ask your child what a chuppah is (it translates to a “covering” and it is a wedding canopy).

At the end of this unit, they will be putting on a Mock Wedding. Please make sure to mark off your calendars now for Saturday, February 2nd. Your children will be working extremely hard during these upcoming weeks and I hope to see everyone participating in the Mock Wedding.

Hebrew Through Movement

In Hebrew Through Movement this week, they started learning some of their colors.
Red- Adom – אָדֹם
Yellow- Tsahov – צָהֹב
Green – Yarok – יָרֹק
White- Lavan – לָבָן
Black – Shachor – שָׁחֹר
Blue- Kachol – כָּחֹל
They learned that in Hebrew the adjective comes after the noun and composed phrases including former vocabulary and colors. For example:
Green table – Shulchan Yarok – שׁוּלְחָן יָרוֹק