Discover Learning Through Play

At the ECC we believe that every child’s journey is a unique and wonderful adventure. That’s why we’ve decided to expand our community impact. CBE, one of NYC’s most highly regarded preschools, will have two Early Childhood Centers for the 2024–2025 school year. Both Centers are designed to spark your child’s curiosity, creativity, and love for learning. With curriculum and classrooms for ages 2–5, each Center will provide a learning environment that nurtures the future generation.


Park Slope
274 Garfield Place

Established in 1978, our Park Slope Center is a vibrant pillar of the community. The building is equipped with gymnasiums, an auditorium, a pool, and a garden — all of which children experience in their curriculum. They also take full advantage of Prospect Park, which is just steps away.

 Prospect Heights
17 Eastern Parkway

Newly opening in September 2024, this state of the art building will become CBE’s new Center for Jewish Culture in the Prospect Heights Community. The building is equipped with an entirely new floor dedicated to our children, an outdoor play gym, and elevators. Curriculum is also being planned to include local neighborhood partnerships with the Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Museum, and Prospect Park.

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Why Choose the CBE Early Childhood Center?



Holistic Development

Our program focuses on fostering your child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth. Our curriculum emerges from the children’s interests, ideas and experiences and allows them ample opportunities to interact, problem solve, express their thoughts and ideas.

Connection with Nature

We believe in the importance of connecting with the natural world. With renowned Prospect Park as our outdoor space for Park Slope and a fully equipped playground planned at Prospect Heights, we create the environment for the connection.

Warm and Caring Educators

Our experienced and certified teachers are mentors and friends. With a deep understanding of early childhood development, they provide the guidance and support your child needs to flourish.

Jewish Learning

Your child will be introduced to Jewish religion and culture in the same way we approach our curriculum–we make it relevant, meaningful, and accessible to young children, with values and diverse traditions imparted through classroom projects.

The traditions and values of
Judaism are integrated throughout our classrooms to strengthen our community. Guiding principles such as respect for ourselves and others, kindness and being a supportive member of our community are integrated into daily classroom routines and

Enriching Activities

From our vibrant Art Studio, to music, movement and swimming, your child will engage in a variety of enrichment activities that promote creativity and self-expression. 

  Play-Based Learning

We know that young children learn best through play. Our play-based curriculum is thoughtfully designed to turn shared classroom experiences into learning opportunities. Through play, your child is encouraged to interact with the environment, allowing them to develop an understanding of themselves, their relationships while developing important cognitive skills. Watch your child explore, inquire, and thrive in an environment that encourages imagination and exploration.

Join Our CBE Early Childhood Family!

We invite you to become a part of our vibrant and diverse community. Discover the joy of watching your child grow, learn, and make friends in an environment that celebrates individuality and encourages collaboration.


We’d love to welcome you to our community!





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