Tragedy in California & End of Year Sustainability Project

In lieu of the tragedy that occurred at the Chabad synagogue in Poway, California, we opened up class with the New York Times Op-Ed the penned by the rabbi of the community, Rabbi Yisrael Goldstein. The students reflected on the tragedy, anti-semitism in America today and what does an event such as this mean to the worldwide Jewish community. The weight of the moment sat heavy in the conversation. Thalia led a beautiful small remembrance kaddish prayer with a yizkor candle to commemorate the life lost.

We shifted into working on our Sustainability Project for the end of the year. It was decided we would focus on two areas: writing letters to CBE leadership to encourage being greener as a community, and distribute plants across CBE to provide more oxygen in the building and sequester local CO2 emissions. A few of the students wrote letters to the staff to persuade less plastic, switching to LED light bulbs and providing more green space at CBE. The other group made tags to hang on plants filled with environmental facts. The plants will be distributed throughout the synagogue and we are beyond excited to have our students be part of this mission.