Yachad is CBE’s signature K-12 Jewish and Hebrew education program. Through all stages of Yachad, our students cultivate a kehila kedosha, a holy community, by learning about Judaism through relevant, age appropriate, and interactive methods.

General Curriculum

The Yachad curriculum is built as a ladder so that students explore and build upon their knowledge and experience from year to year. Students are given the space to learn and ask questions so that they can develop their Jewish identity.

Our curriculum is developed around six core concepts:

Torah: Text and Narrative

Avodah: Mitzvah (deed), Tefila (prayer) and Ritual

G’milut Chasadim V’derekh Eretz: Acts of Loving-kindness, Jewish Values and World Citizenship

Israel: Land, People and Culture

Ruach V’Khavanah: God and Spirituality

Ivrit: Hebrew and Jewish Language

Our Jewish Studies curriculum aims to educate our students about Jewish culture and ritual, knowledge of Jewish life-cycle events and the study of how our collective history informs events that take place across the Jewish community today. We also educate our students about the creation of the modern state of Israel and its biblical roots.

Tefila and prayer participation is extremely important to our community, we use weekly Interactive Learning Tefila so that students engage in services and make their way through the siddur (prayer book). Our Hebrew curriculum gives every child the opportunity to gain familiarity with modern and liturgical Hebrew, prayer, and reading by the time they reach B’nei Mitzvah age.

The new design for our Hebrew program is being introduced to Yachad in 2018-19 and uses two widely successful models prepared by experts in the field of Hebrew learning. Together, Hebrew Through Movement & Let’s Learn Hebrew Side-by-Side offer a sound, engaging, and focused approach to developing love of Hebrew, Hebrew vocabulary related to Jewish life, and decoding skills among our students.

K-8th Grade Curriculum  9-12th Grade Curriculum Hebrew Curriculum

Shabbat B’Yachad

Yachad offers various opportunities throughout the year to celebrate Shabbat as a community including Kabbalat Shabbat dinners and services, Shabbat lunches, Havdalah gatherings, and other hosted Shabbat experiences.

Kindergarten through High School students are expected to regularly attend Shabbat morning services. Shabbat is a time that allows us to build community, learn prayers, and become more comfortable in services. Attendance at Shabbat services is extremely important in the years leading up to a child’s B’nei Mitzvah. Students in 2nd – 8th grade who do not attend Yachad classes on Saturday are required to attend a minimum of seven Shabbat services throughout the year. There is also a monthly Yachad kiddush following services.


Tuition 2019-20
  • $1,480 + $50 deposit
    K-1st Grade

  • $1,515 + $50 deposit
    2nd Grade

  • $2,030 + $50 deposit
    3rd-6th Grade

  • $1,810 + $50 deposit
    7th Grade

  • $1,170 + $50 deposit
    8th-10th Grade

  • $255 + $50 deposit
    11th-12th Grade (meets once a month)

Congregation Beth Elohim greatly appreciates Gruss Life Fund for Jewish Education for their support of the teachers at CBE.