Community Organizing: 9th Grade

The 9th Grade Community Organizing Class will work with a community organizer to develop a social justice campaign with their peers, at CBE and beyond CBE. They will begin by listening to determine which social problems are of greatest and deepest concern to teens in their neighborhood and at school. They will learn what Judaism has to say about those problems and their solutions. They will then research the problems to determine what change they can achieve. This will include identifying a specific, small change that can be won, one that has an existing coalition to which they can contribute. It will include determining their realistic ability to make a difference in that coalition, and learning to articulate the Jewish and Torah sources that motivate Jewish action on the issue. They will then organize their peers into action on the issue, doing a power analysis, developing a strategy, and planning and executing an action. For the action, they will learn how to do effective turnout and they will learn about public speaking and speaking with the media. Finally, at the end of the year, they will learn how to effectively evaluate their work.

Chazakah: 10th – 12th Grade

In this culminating program for high school students at CBE, Rabbi Timoner and Rabbi Katz engage CBE’s teens in sensitive conversations about the real stuff in their lives, creating a trust-filled home base for students with one another and their rabbis. In the Midrash and Talmud, Chazakah means ownership or possession of a personal status. In this final year of Yachad, our students take ownership of their Jewish heritage, as they define its meaning to them. Guiding questions are: What do I believe in? How does Judaism shape how I see the world? What does it mean to me to be a Jew? The year concludes with a ceremony on Shavuot, when the community celebrates receiving Torah and the students each offer their own unique expression of what their Jewish heritage means to them.

Madrichim Leadership Program

Madrichim is the Hebrew word for leaders. Open to high school students, Madrichim not only aid teachers in the classroom, but act as leaders at CBE by being role models for younger kids. All madrichim receive monthly training in education and leadership development, and are supervised and coached by Yachad staff. Madrichim will be paid or receive school community service credits to work in classrooms with Yachad teachers and students.

BESTY (Beth Elohim Temple Youth Group)

Combining social action with social awesome, BESTY events cover the gamut from collaborative community-service projects, all-night cookie bake-a-thons, to playing the world’s largest game of Bananagrams EVER. Open to grades 8-12, we seek to promote a positive and inclusive community that acts as both a haven and a source of pride for our very busy high school students.
BESTY is CBE’s NFTY-affiliated youth group. NFTY, the North American Federation of Temple Youth, is the youth movement of the Union for Reform Judaism.