Y’did Nefesh – Friday Nights at CBE: Sounds of Shabbat

For the past several years, CBE has been experimenting with how Friday nights feel, look, taste, and sound. We have assembled a core community of dedicated regulars, a world-class jazz quartet in partnership with the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, and a unique collection of melodies that together transport us out of the workweek and into Shabbat: a sacred time of rest, refreshment, reflection, and utter joy.

On a late August afternoon, joined by CBE’s Brooklyn Jews, we brought in a stellar production team to record us singing ten of our favorite Shabbat evening prayers. And over the course of the new Jewish year 5780 (2019-2020), we are thrilled to release one video every month, so that even more of our members and friends can experience “Friday Nights at CBE” wherever they find themselves.

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